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 Trubliss Golden Retrievers

Agnieszka Wojtala

tel. +48 501 609 442

Rzeszotary k. Krakowa

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Golden Retriever... gentle, biddable, playful, with a 'smiling' expression, beautiful inside and out... a perfect breed for me. I gave my heart and sofa to these golden dogs quite a few years ago. Showing and breeding just happened in the meantime.... Our Golden Retrievers live with us and not beside us, keeping us company every day and setting the pace of our lives. Welcome to my world!

19 June 2018
Last Saturday, at the National Dog Show for FCI Groups I, II, III, V, VIII and IX in Krakow, Trubliss Wishing on a Star, aka Boluś, showed his socks off
01 May 2018
I am pleased to inform that on 22 April 2018 Blusia (Trubliss Whole Lotta Love) gave birth to her first litter! Her puppies were sired by the beautiful Spike (Manolo









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